Enthusiast! is a new podcast about what brings us joy. In each episode we learn about somebody through what they’re passionate about, from fish sauce to astrology to airplanes to duct tape. In just 5–10 minutes, we learn where their enthusiasm comes from, what’s special about their interest, and how we can all come to love it, too.

Earnest enthusiasm is rarely celebrated — insults like “geeks” and “nerds” are defined by liking things too much. But there’s something magical and transportive in hearing someone share what they love, so much that by the end of each episode you feel that same delight.

“Enthusiast! is just what I needed right now. I gobbled [the episodes] up like a fistful of after-dinner mints. It’s the perfect replication of meeting a fascinating stranger at a bar or a party. It’s so lovely.”

— Avery Trufelman, The Cut

Enthusiast! is produced by Mark Bramhill. Music is by Ashton Paul Drake, Mark Bramhill, the galaxy’s own Breakmaster Cylinder, and others. Podcast artwork is by Neven Mrgan. Episode illustrations are by Jessie Lamworth, Anna Delos Angeles, and Kolin Pope. Editorial assistance from Lenna Mendoza.

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“Crisply edited and bursting with positivity… Hearing the unbridled excitement and indulgent curiosity of each guest as they discuss the object of their enthusiasm is a real treat.”

Podcast Review Staff, The LA Review of Books